Lotta was born in Stjørdal a beautiful day in June -96. She was the "choosen one" - my breeder Torild Borg picked her out for me allready when she was born - and I don't regret the choise. In her MERIT-part you can read about her show-career.


Lotta is a very funny girl, allways ready to  do some tricks. In her later days she has became "deaf".. she doesn't allways bother to come like a rocket like she did before - now she comes when she feels for it. But she LOVES her daughter Babs - they have lots of fun together. They are really a team...


Positive sides:

She is very feminine, has excellent movements, a perfect topline, good, long neck and good proportions. Her frontangulations are good, with a very good forechest. She has a very good motor, never giving up when searching in the woods.


Negative sides:

I would like her to have a bit stronger muzzle, much better coat (both length, colour and quality), a bit longer tail (and lower carriage :-)) and better hind- angualtions.